How much change can I get back from the driver if I don't have any loose change to pay the fare?

Users of public transport are entitled to be given back change for paper notes up to 20 Euros.

Is the company obliged to supply more vehicles when all the bus seats are taken?

The licensee company is obliged to comply with the routes and timetables set forth by the administration and allow access, on such routes, to any users who pay for the service in so far as seats are available. Once all the seats are occupied, there is no obligation to increase the number of buses for a given route.

Are guide dogs allowed on the bus?

Access may be denied to any passengers carrying objects that can affect the comfort or safety of the occupants of the vehicle or who bring animals on board, with the exception of guide dogs accompanying blind persons.

Do kids pay for tickets?

Children under five who are accompanied by an adult do not pay for tickets. However, they must give their seats to other occupants when no seats are vacant, and sit on the lap of the accompanying adult.

Users' rights

Passengers travelling on public transport service buses have the following rights:

Passengers travelling on public transport service buses have the following rights: *a)* Being provided with vehicles in adequate technical conditions and proper cleanliness. *b)* Being provided with complaint forms and with indications on the necessary procedures. *c)* Presenting their complaints to the "Junta Arbitral de Galicia" (Arbitration Council of Galicia) regarding any non-compliances on behalf of the transport company whenever they are of an economic content. *d)* Being able to identify the name or logo of the licensee company on the front end of the vehicle and the identification of the license, as well as the origin and destination of the service being provided by the bus. *e)* Any complaint will require submitting the corresponding bus ticket.

Obligations of the users

Using the buses entails acceptance of the following obligations by the users:

Using the buses entails acceptance of the following obligations by the users: *a)* Accessing the bus through the front door and leaving the bus through the back or central door. *b)* Not interfering with the driver while he is driving or causing discomfort to other passengers. *c)* Giving up reserved seats to people with reduced mobility. *d)* Accessing the bus with packages or objects which, despite not being banned, may make it difficult to move freely inside the bus must be done following the instructions of the driver, while always trying to minimise discomfort by, for example, using the parts of the bus with the most empty spaces. *e)* It is compulsory to keep your ticket until the end of your itinerary.

Prohibited actions for transport users.

The following actions are prohibited:

*a)* Smoking or drinking alcoholic beverages as well as eating inside the vehicle, in compliance to the general circumstances specified on the signs located inside the vehicles. *b)* Leaning out of the vehicle windows. *c)* Making noises. *d)* Reserving seats or occupying seats intended for persons with reduced mobility. *e)* Begging or distributing publicity or propaganda. *f)* Obstructing the movement of passengers in and off the vehicle.

Not complying with users' obligations and travelling without a ticket are considered a minor infringement (art. 142.20 and 143.1 of legislation 16/1987 of 30th July by the Land Transport Ordinance) and may entail a fine of up to 200€.

Revision of rates

   Arriva informs users that the Xunta has proceeded to the revision of rates, going to be charged per km traveled as of 08/14/2015.

   We remind you that discount bonuses are available, as well as special promotions if you are a student, university or official.

Delay notes

Delay notes may only be issued at offices; such certificates require certain verifications to certify the existence of a delay. Such verifications may take a number of days, which is the maximum amount of time for the required information to be available.

Tips on bus stops

Requesting a stop, both on the bus and from outside the bus, must be made with sufficient time to allow the driver to react and bring the vehicle to a halt without causing any trouble. Making stops outside the designated bus stop areas is not allowed under any circumstances.

Can drivers provide information?

The driver is obliged to provide information requested by the user if he or she knows it.


Arriva allows the transport of pets under the following conditions:

a) The pet will travel under the responsibility of the owner, who will be on the same bus.
b) Maximum one pet per vehicle, which will travel in the hold..
c) The pet will travel in a carrier or other element intended for this purpose, rigid and waterproof provided by the traveller.

For safety reasons we recommend NOT to travel with pets on dates and times ,when the ambient temperature is above 25ºC.


Arriva allows the transport of bicycles under the following conditions:

a) The bicycle will travel under the responsibility of the owner, who will ride the same bus.
b) The bicycle must be in the hold, with the front wheel removed and the pedals and chain covered so as not to damage the rest of the luggage.
c) The transport of bicycles has an additional cost of 3.25€.




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