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Arriva Galicia

Twenty years moving serving our passengers in Galicia.

Thanks to our vast experience in the sector we can provide a quality service to all the passengers who place their trust in us.

Arriva Galicia is the main bus service provider in Northern Galicia, where we have been operating for over 20 years transporting over 5 million passengers and 10,000 school children each year.

We have a staff of over 300 employees and a fleet of 224 vehicles catering to the main towns in Coruña and Lugo.


Our main regular lines connect Ferrol with A Coruña, Santiago de Compostela, Vilalba, Lugo and Viveiro; A Coruña with Arteixo, A Laracha, Ponteceso, Laxe, Malpica, Curtis, Abegondo and Oza-Cesures; and also the towns between Santiago de Compostela and Ribeira.

Besides urban transport, we are also one of the main school transport operators in the area, as well as offering other discretionary services (tourism, companies, services on demand, etc.).


We are the largest passenger transport operator in Europe.

Each year we provide over 2,200 million transportation services in 14 countries throughout Europe.

We operate over 19,850 buses and coaches, 1,123 trains, 450 trams, 183 lightweight underground trains, 21 bus boats and 400 electric vehicles.

We are a leading European company in multi-modal experience. Our consolidated turnover is currently upwards of 5,000 million Euros and we transport over 10,000 school children per day.

Our values

Our values, our vision and development plan, as well as our commitment make it possible to offer the highest quality service.


See our group policy in the following link: Política Grupo Arriva

Our fleet

Arriva Galicia currently has a fleet of 224 buses transporting millions of passengers each year and over 10,000 school children every day.

Also, the continuous improvement of our services has resulted in a greater effort to renew our own vehicles. Furthermore, in recent months the average age of our entire fleet was reduced by half, thus adjusting gradually to the Public Transport Modernisation Plan promoted by the Galician Government.

For this purpose, more than 15 million Euros were invested in recent years in the purchase of new vehicles, which also provide accessibility systems for users with reduced mobility.


Innovating at Arriva Galicia consists in offering more and better services to our passengers.

Among our initiatives, special mention must be made of the cost-free Wi-Fi connection we offer our users travelling on the lines connecting Ferrol and Coruña, and also the touch-screens installed in bus station located in Ferrol, A Coruña, Santiago and Lugo to facilitate accessing practical information regarding bus lines, stops and timetables. We have also issued a recent mobile App to make it easier for you to access information regarding timetables and stops.


Contributing to improving quality of life in society is one of the objectives of Arriva Galicia. That's why the company takes part in solidarity initiatives to support local organisations. Among such initiatives is our cooperation with Cogami which provides support to disabled gender violence victims by holding events such as the "Solidarity week of Arriva Galicia". We also support help groups like "Ayúdanos a convertir un tapón en una sonrisa" of Fundación Amigos de Galicia. Our contribution consists in installing special boxes in our bus station lockers located in A Coruña, Ferrol and Lugo for collecting plastic bottle caps to raise money for six-year-old cerebral palsy victim Iago Sanchez from Sada.

Quality and sustainability

At Arriva we work to provide a high-quality and sustainable public transport. But words aren't enough. You have to prove it! And undergoing Quality and Environment audits is a good way of doing it. Arriva Galicia was granted and still has the ISO 9001 Quality certification and the ISO 14001 certification for Environmental Management. Also, we have recently achieved the UNE-EN 13816 certification for public passenger transport certifying that we offer a quality service.

Click here to read the environment statement of Arriva Galicia
Environmental statement

UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 Certificate
UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015 Certificate
UNE-EN ISO 13816:2003 Certificate
Carbon Footprint Register

Our policy


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